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What are the different types of subscriptions Card Player offers?
There are three types of subscriptions; Card Player magazine print subscriptions, CardPlayer.com digital subscriptions, and iTunes subscriptions.

If I am a current print subscriber, can I view the magazine online for free at CardPlayer.com?
Yes, current print magazine subscribers can view magazine content for free on CardPlayer.com.

To access this content you must sign into your CardPlayer.com account, or to create a new account click here.

If you are creating a new account, you will be prompted to enter your subscription account number or the email address used when you purchased your subscription for instant access.

If you have a CardPlayer.com account, click here to log in and verify your print subscription etc.

How do I create a Cardplayer.com account?
To create a CardPlayer.com account click here.

Where can I view the Card Player magazine archives on CardPlayer.com?
For full magazine archives click here.

What is the difference between a digital subscription and the iTunes subscription?
With digital subscriptions you can view the magazine through the CardPlayer.com website on a personal computer, on a tablet or phone with internet browsing capabilities.

The iTunes application subscriptions can only be viewed on your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod.

If I am a current print subscriber can I view the magazine for free through iTunes?
No, current print subscribers cannot view the magazine through iTunes.

If I’m having a problem with my digital magazine subscription, who do I contact?
Email any questions/problems to support@cardplayer.com.

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