Registration Page for Digital Edition

This is where you register so you can access your Horizons's digital editions.

In order to register you will need your:

  1. Horizon's magazine account number
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The account number can be found on the mailing label of the most recent issue. Just enter your account number and the form below will auto-populate.

At the bottom of the form please enter your valid email address and password. You will need to enter your email address and password to access each digital issue.

    #BXNVMGV ********AUTO**5-DIGIT 10920
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    CONGERS NY 10920-1729barcode

Choose a method and enter your information below to find your account.

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Customer Service Department: 866-802-3635 M-F 9 AM to 5 PM E.T. E-mail: horizons@cambeywest.com